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Submitted Your LRP Application? CONGRATULATIONS! Here's What Happens Next!

The 2018 LRP application cycle officially closed on November 15th, and more than 2700 researchers from across the country submitted applications! If you were one of the 2700+ applicants, the Division of Loan Repayment (DLR) thanks you for your enthusiastic response!  We are constantly seeking ways to improve our application process and make it as painless as possible for our applicants. Many of you have been kind enough to reach out to us with any issues, and also with praise.  In fact, MANY of you have reached out to let us know that the new online application process was a breeze! 

Now that your application is submitted, I’m sure you are wondering what happens next. Please take a look at the attached LRP timeline.  It’ll help you can stay abreast of the post-application submission process.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the LRP Information Center via phone at 1-866-849-4047 or via email at  You can also follow the NIH Division of Loan Repayment on Twitter and Facebook for cycle updates.

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Authored By
Ericka Boone