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LRP Ambassador Program

What is the LRP Ambassador Program?

The LRP Ambassador Program is a network of former and current LRP awardees that promote the NIH LRPs within their local extramural scientific community.

LRP Ambassador Overview

What does an LRP Ambassador do?

LRP Ambassadors serve as a personalized link/connection between the Division of Loan Repayment (DLR) and potential applicants at their home institutions by Identifying potential eligible applicants to the LRPs within their institutions and sharing information about the LRPs with them.

Since the Ambassador Program is being updated, all ambassadors must provide their current information to gain access to the Ambassador Resources on this page that are password-protected. Click on the "Become an LRP Ambassador" button to connect to the sign-up form. Login information will be emailed to you following sign-up.

Become an LRP AmbassadorCurrent Ambassador Login

Find an LRP Ambassador

If you are an LRP applicant, you can view the Ambassador Directory to find an Ambassador at an institution near you.

If you are an Ambassador, you can use the Ambassador Directory to find other Ambassadors at an institution near you.


View the LRP Ambassador Directory


Erik Anderson, MD

Rheumatologist/ Elmezzi Scholar
Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine

“I think the LRP will provide additional exposure to research colleagues and networking opportunities. Although I just recently received the award this month, there have already been great opportunities, such as an invitation to participate in the Ambassador Program and attend the NIH Regional Seminar and LRP Awardee Reception”


Tobey Betthauser, PhD

Research Associate
Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
Department of Medicine
University of Wisconsin
Madison School of Medicine and Public Health

“Receiving an LRP award has been a tremendous first step to gain confidence, credentials and financial stability as I take the next steps in becoming an independent researcher. . It has also allowed me to establish connections and begin dialogue with individuals at the NIH and the NIA that will undoubtedly be beneficial as I work towards obtaining future research awards and grants”


Nicholas Burris, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology
University of Michigan

“The most significant impact of the receiving the LRP has been the ability to focus my time and energy on the development of my research and junior academic career without an overwhelming sense of anxiety related to my large student debt burden”


Beth Fields, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Occupational Therapy
University of Pittsburgh

“Receiving the LRP award has positively impacted my family. We now have the financial ability to help my husband pursue a higher degree and to start saving money to purchase our first home”


Christine Fortney, PhD

Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
Center for Women, Children & Youth
Ohio State University

“I have a daughter who will be heading off to college soon. My husband and I were worried that my huge loan debt would impact our ability to help her with tuition and the other expenses she will have as a college student. The LRP award will significantly lessen our burden and help us to plan for her future, and ours”


Fatima Stanford, MD

Obesity Medicine Physician Scientist
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

“The LRP has dramatically reduced the burden of student loans while allowing me to fulfill my life dream of conducting research as an obesity medicine researcher. I have encouraged many of my mentees and colleagues to apply for the LRP, and the LRP has served as a springboard board outstanding research careers”

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