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LRP Ambassador Program

What is the LRP Ambassador Program?

The LRP Ambassador Program is a network of former and current LRP awardees that promote the NIH LRPs within their local extramural scientific community.

LRP Ambassador Overview

What does an LRP Ambassador do?

LRP Ambassadors serve as a personalized link/connection between the Division of Loan Repayment (DLR) and potential applicants at their home institutions by Identifying potential eligible applicants to the LRPs within their institutions and sharing information about the LRPs with them.

Since the Ambassador Program is being updated, all ambassadors must provide their current information to gain access to the Ambassador Resources on this page that are password-protected. Click on the "Become an LRP Ambassador" button to connect to the sign-up form. Login information will be emailed to you following sign-up.

Become an LRP AmbassadorCurrent Ambassador Login

Find an LRP Ambassador

If you are an LRP applicant, you can view the Ambassador Directory to find an Ambassador at an institution near you.

If you are an Ambassador, you can use the Ambassador Directory to find other Ambassadors at an institution near you.


View the LRP Ambassador Directory


Pajarita Charles, PhD

Assistant Professor
School of Social Work
Institute for Research on Poverty
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“The LRP awards have been invaluable as they allowed me to pay off significant educational debt and at the same, enabled me to focus and build my research career to achieve independence as a research scientist. I started as a post-doc and went on to obtain a K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award. The LRP was a crucial part of that process”


Lisa Christopher-Stine, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine and Neurology
Director, Johns Hopkins Myositis Center
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“The LRP was the reason that I was able to pursue and academic rheumatology career. Had this award program not have been available, I would have never been able to shoulder the high debt burden and remain in academia”


Paul Fleming, PhD

Assistant Professor
Health Behavior & Health Education
University of Michigan School of Public Health

“We were able to buy a house last year and pay off more of my partner’s student loans each year. Those things would have never been possible if I did not receive the LRP and I had to be paying the full loan amount each month. The LRP has certainly helped alleviate the financial stress associated with large student debt”

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