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Awardee Portal

Your LRP Participant Portal is now in your eRA Commons account

This portal provides LRP awardees with a comprehensive snapshot of their LRP award. The portal displays a listing of loans, past and future payments, and status of their quarterly service and research verifications (which are completed by the awardee's research supervisor) and provides a platform to interact with DLR regarding updates and changes to their LRP award.

Each time an LRP payment is made on an awardee’s behalf, awardees are required to upload documentation to verify that the LRP payment was successfully credited to their loan account. After receiving an email prompt, awardees log into the Participant Portal via a “View Portal” Action link in the Status module. For each loan, they use the “Actions” button to upload documents, and they can also view previously uploaded documents.

Not receiving LRP emails? Log into your eRA Commons account to ensure that the contact information listed in your Personal Profile (Name and ID Section) is correct and current. Contact the LRP Information Center at if you have questions.


How do I navigate to my LRP Award Portal?

Log into your Commons account and click on the Apps menu on the upper left corner of your screen (a grid of 3x3 boxes) and select Status. Select the "list of Applications/Awards" panel and set the display to "Flat View" if you have multiple LRP awards. Locate your current LRP award and expand it by clicking on the "+" icon. Select the "View Portal" button in the "Available Actions" column to enter your LRP Awardee Portal.

My Commons account is not showing my current affiliation. How do I fix this?

Your Commons affiliation is important for LRP application submission and award management. A Commons Signing Official (SO) at your institution can share their affiliation but you also need to indicate your affiliation in the employment tab of your Commons personal profile (see instructions to Manage Affiliations)

I am not receiving emails regarding my LRP award. What do I do?

The email address used to contact you comes from your Personal Profile in eRA Commons. Log into your eRA Commons account to ensure that the contact information listed in your Personal Profile (Name and ID Section) is correct and current. If the email address is accurate, then check the box under the email address to make it the default email address for NIH communicattions. Finally, check to make sure NIH emails are not being blocked by a spam filter or firewall.

When will I be required to use two-factor authentication to log into my eRA Commons account?

To ensure the security of your eRA account, we are phasing in the requirement to use two-factor authentication (using or a qualified InCommon Federated account). All scientific account holders (e.g., LRP applicants, referees, and mentors) should take action now to ensure continued access to their accounts, while administrative account holders (e.g., IBOs) who hold more than one account will be required to move to two-factor authentication in early 2024. Learn more about when you need to make the transition and what steps you should take when using or InCommon Federated accounts.