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Application Process Interactive Roadmap

I'm thinking about applying. What steps should I take?

Know the deadlines and timelines
Review the deadline for the online application, colleague and institutional support documentation, certification and contract documentation, and change requests.

Become familiar with the application review timeline.
Decide which LRP to apply for
Learn about the different subcategories under the Extramural and Intramural LRPs.
Determine if you qualify
Review basic eligibility requirements for all LRPs.
Obtain a Commons ID
An eRA Commons ID with a Principal Investigator (PI) role with your current research institution is required to submit an LRP application. Reach out to the institutional grants office at your institution and review the eRA Commons FAQs for more information.

What do I need to know to prepare my application?

Review the Apply and Renew
section of the website carefully
Know what is required to complete a new or renewal before beginning.
Consider the best IC match
It is strongly recommended that applicants contact the LRP IC Liaisons for questions regarding matching research to IC Mission and Priorities. Extramural LRP applicants may indicate a preferred NIH Institute of Center (IC) for application review.
Get help
Contact the LRP Information Center for questions regarding general eligibility and the application process.
Loan documentation
Applicants are encouraged to collect loan documentation as soon as the application is submitted. Collecting loan documentation is a lengthy process.
Estimate quarterly LRP repayment
Use the repayment calculator to estimate the amount of an LRP award.

I have submitted my application. What happens next?

Check application status
Log into your eRA Commons account and view the Status Information page to track the status of your application components (reference letters, IBO certification, etc.).
Check the reviewing IC
Applications are assigned to an IC for review. IC change requests for the Extramural LRP must be submitted by January 31 for the request to be considered.
NIH Institutes and Center conduct LRP peer review.
Financial Review
Select applicants will be emailed on a rolling basis to request submission of loan documentation. Loan balance and eligibility must be established to be considered for repayment.
Funding Decisions
Institutes make funding decisions into September. All applicants are notified by email. If an application is not funded, information will be made available in the email to obtain feedback.
Awardee Responsibilities
Awardees are required to comply with the terms and conditions of the LRP contract.